Ghost Hunter M2 Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Ghost Hunter M2 App

Part Two: A review of an EVP app for the iPhone. The software is by Jedasoft, and is called Ghost Hunter M2.

App review Ghost Hunter for iPhone iPad iPod

Simple review on the features for ghost hunter app M2 For more app review go to

iPhone Ghost Hunting App

Gary Brook and Cynthia Rothock review the Ghost Hunting App as they team up with the Paranormal Investigation crew.

BEST Ghost Hunting iPhone Apps!

I review the best apps for ghost hunting including GhostHunter M2, Appzilla, iTalk, and SpectrumView. Watch and learn about these great spector-searching ...

Iphone Ghost Hunting Apps

A look at two Iphone Apps used for ghost hunting. In the video i mention a tool in the ghost hunter m2 app called FFT-V Instrument and says it detects low ...

Ghost hunter M2 review/EVP expirences!

Yup it is a awesome app. 5/5 stars. If you have a legit haunting GET THIS APP you wont regret it!!!

Ghost Hunter M2 app

99C GET IT!!

Ghost Hunter M2 app at Lizzie Borden's gravesite

and Kim falls down.

Talking To Ghosts | Vlogoween 2015


Ghost Hunter M2

This app works but you got to be patient if there's no ghost or spirits or entity's then there's no ...

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