Ghost Hunter M2 App Reviews

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Wow and fun

I got this for my wife to take to her ghost hunting group and she loved it. It beat all the other apps for features and easy of use. Her and her friends got such a kick out off it. It has such an easy to use interface and so many settings and save features. Cant find a better one in the app store at any cost.

Freakishly Scary

I was in the car alone, and I asked "Hello, I am alone now, what is your name?" Within a few seconds, something replied "Jacob" Im like holy cow!! He kept saying the word "Head" but I had no idea what he meant....there must be a reason for repeating the same word multiple times.....Im still trying to figure it out now. Btw can you make this app an iphone + ipad universal app. That would be awesome because im planning to get an ipad soon, thanks :D!

Seriously!! Its the best app on the market right now!!!

Seriously!! Its the best app on the market right now!!! Im a Nurse at the ER, and there is so much activity there!! This app is brilliant!!! Keep on the good works and updates!!!!

I rated it fully

Its kindaa cool


Its the best app ever I think its the best. The evp is scary but real its really worth 0.99


This is just for entertainment purposes only. Paranormal Recorder is the real deal and the best one out there.


Only one issue, the "GYR" in the sensor sweep area has stopped lighting up. My phone is an iPhone 4s, 64gigs and the firmware (iOS) is totally up to date. Can you help? Thank you in advance, freaking great app. :-)

Ghost Hunter M2

This Is A Great Ghost Hunter App

Evp uses random words

Used evp for abit. Seems to just put random words up. I had the words occur,move, pasta and toothbrush within a few minutes this morning.


Please add another tool that creates white noise from the phones audio engine ! Make a spirit box tool

Ok for freakin yourself out for 5 mins

I have to admit that I was freaked out by this app at first. However, I realized that this app was just spitting out random words that, if you cannot attach a meaning to them, just sound ridiculous. It is kind of like cold reading. The emf detector "works" well. I placed it next to my fuse box and it skyrocketed. Good for entertainment for a short period unless you are super gullible.


I got this for both iPhone 4s and iPod touch. Pretty neat app. Just analyze properly what it does. Be logical and have fun :)

Pretty cool but....

Im on my iPod using this app and it would be nice if I could use the EMF part of the app even if it is just for fun 3 stars till its fixed

Excellent paranormal tool

Looking for ghosts in the spirit word is easy with the EMF detector and collecting of EVPs makes this tool great for the amateur or professional paranormal investigator... A must have tool without the cost of expensive equipment!!

Boring app saw from Selena on Fallon

Very little excitement - boo


Not even legit at all its stupid it just throws random words out....

Not Worth It

Horrible experience, not worth paying for! Its hard to use with very little excitement!!


Not sure what to think. Im giving it a 2 because when I capture an EVP it kicks me out when I try to listen to the recording.

It does state for entertainment purposes only

Not sure why people are mad. It clearly states its for entertainment purposes. If it was legit, it would be a lot more than 99 cents. Get a grip people!

M2 is super

Ive tried and compared many APPS but M2 is the one ...

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